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What is MPS?
MPS® is a range of premium class seating and mattress foam solutions that have been developed for a multitude of civil aircraft applications. Through extensive clinical trials, a pressure relief system has been incorporated into the foams that is proven to increase vascular blood flow and reduce pressure and fatigue.

The Benefits of MPS

Enhanced comfort for long-haul Premium Cabin seating.  Demonstrably more comfortable than its rivals in all positions, upright, reclined and lie-flat horizontal.  Unique perforated foam system giving optimised pressure distribution across the body resulting in improved vascular blood flow.  Medically proven and is used extensively in high occupancy seating systems.  A number of variants have been developed to meet airline, OEM and regularity requirements.

Utilising our DAX® range of open cell polyurethane foam, our patented multi- layered design is a scientifically developed and proven solution to discomfort, tiredness, stiffness and restricted blood circulation.  The system incorporates a unique and patented pressure relieving perforated sub-layer that is complemented by a low resilient foam topper.

Utilising  a  range  of  lightweight  highly  durable  DAX® polyurethane foams that brings enhanced comfort through specially selected fire-blocking materials, the MPS® PLUS system is the next level in the range which has the additional benefits of enhanced comfort, durability and weight saving.


Ecomfort® / Ecomfort® LITE
Our range of patented, be-spoke multi density foam solutions aimed at long haul economy seating, offering excellent value and significant weight savings.

DAX® PU Foam
The DAX® open cell PU foam is a full range of high performance comfort flexible foams for use in cabin interiors.  DAX® foams are produced in both block form for bespoke manufacture and moulded for large volume programmes.  DAX® Graphite – Inherently fire retardant PU foam, from 40 to 90 Kg/M3, in a full range of hardnesses to meet the design criteria of the cushion.  Meets both 12s vertical burn and kerosene burn testing with most leather/fabric covers.  DAX® lightweight combustion modified PU foams meet 12s vertical burn requirements.  Available in block (DAX® RNG) and moulded (DAX® MPU) in densities from 24-60kg/m3 in a full range of hardness’s.  Meet kerosene burn testing when use in combination with lightweight fire-blocking fabrics.


PEGS  |  Positive Engagement Guide System
The PEGS System uses improved clip-in pegs, to ensure that each seat has it’s correct size cushion fitted and equally important for comfort, that every cushion is always located correctly on the seat. It does this simply by making it impossible to get it wrong.

It’s not always easy to see the difference but the bottom cushions for seats come in different widths and depths, standard, narrow, extra narrow and Emergency Exit seats. When refitting them, regrettably, it’s easy to get it wrong. Base cushions that are badly fitted, or on the wrong sized seat can create extreme discomfort and increase health risks. They also jeopardize safety compliance in the area adjacent to over wing emergency exits.

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