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MGRSoftWall® NextGen

MGRSoftWall® NextGen is a major innovation to a novel and highly successful product.  Developed by MGR Foamtex Ltd in association with Zotefoams plc, the revolutionary dual-density foam has reduced the weight of these ‘soft to touch’ cabin panels by up to 60%.  This translates to savings of up to 100kg per aircraft. 

Ideal for any cabin area needing a more human feel, they are aesthetically appealing and emotionally satisfying.  On seat shells, monuments, and around sleeping areas, MGRSoftWall® NextGen cocoons passengers from hard surfaces and deadens aircraft noise.  To inspire designers, there is a wide range of finishes to choose from, including complex 3D shapes and unique patterns debossed into the decorative covering.

A further innovation is the advanced quick-connect magnetic attachment system.  Maintenance time is reduced and the flexibility to refresh and extend product life is increased.

What is SoftWall?

MGRSoftWall® is a vertical “soft to touch” seat shell liner, designed to enhance the sleeping experience during flight.  The emotional transition from sleeping “sitting up” to sleeping “lying down” is dramatic and passengers expectations increase exponentially. Touching hard or cold surfaces whilst sitting up can be tolerated, but not when sleeping lying down.

Where is SoftWall Used?

Soft and pleasing to the touch, it is ideal for any area that needs a more human feel.  MGRSoftWall® vertical panels cocoon the passenger from the hard surfaces of the seat surround.  MGRSoftWall® has the added benefit of deadening the aircraft interior noise and is available in a wide range of covering materials including fabrics, faux leather and aramid/Nomex.

The Advantages of SoftWall


  • Luxury soft touch feel

  • Passes OSU heat release and smoke

  • Easily installed and removed

  • Easily customised

  • Wide range of decorative options

  • Can accommodate complex 3D shapes

CNC Routing

Complex patterns and shapes can be cut using a flat bed 3 axis router.  This enables the production of be-spoke panels with unique patterns, to be de-bossed into the decorative covering.

Flammability, Smoke Density, Toxicity & Heat Release (OSU)

MGRSoftWall® utilises carefully selected material combinations to optimise FST performance. Working with airlines, design houses and OEMs, MGR can provide guidance on decorative material selection and combinations in order to meet EASA/FAA regulations.

MGR Foamtex’s in house flammability department works closely with customers in developing test plans, as well as arranging the test coupon manufacture and testing.

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