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What are StyleCovers?


With the MGRStyleCover® you are instantly provided with a huge range of options to help achieve exactly the right image, whilst enhancing comfort and durability.  It is possible to create subtle, yet striking lines and contours in virtually any design and their contoured appearance provides improved comfort.

Business Class Seat, American Airlines 767-300

How do we do this?

Our unique process enables an embossed design of your choice to be simultaneously pressed into both the fabric and foam substrate.  This bonds them together permanently, creating a long lasting stylish cover.  MGRStyleCover® is suitable for new and retro-fit programmes, on conventional seating or as part of the TUS 2000® quickchange cover system.

The Benefits of StyleCovers


  • High visual impact

  • An infinite variety of shapes and patterns can be achieved for enhanced cabin appearance.

  • To give that tailored fit, the ‘Style Cover’ is moulded into the exact shape of the seat foam substrate.

  • Increased life expectancy due to reduced friction between the cover and foam substrate.

  • Repeatable fitting standards-less reliance on operator skill.

  • To make retro-fits to 16g seats easier the MGRStyleCover® is designed to have a negligible impact on the seat reference point (SRP).

  • Will withstand 20 dry cleaning cycles without de-lamination or need for secondary FR treatment.



Extrême Style Covers allow designers to create deep curved shapes as never before. The depth and smoothness of the moulded curves is what sets them apart from conventional processes that would require stitched seams in the covers, spoiling their clean lines.

These curved forms allow you to create the extremes in profile shaping demanded by current and future generations of seat design. Extrême provides the ultimate Style Cover for designs where complexity and quality demand the highest standards from the upholstery system.



It is a patented process that answers the demand for more exciting shapes, while preserving all the practical advantages of the MGR Foamtex integrated approach to seat design. It can be used either on conventional seating, or as part of the TUS2000® Quick-change Cover System.

Leather Covers

Whether it is for new Premium Cabin seating programmes, VIP interiors or cost-effective economy upgrade projects, MGR Foamtex has all the necessary experience and capabilities to tailor leather cover products to your bespoke design.

Using the highest quality leather hides selected from some of the world’s leading tanneries, MGR Foamtex has developed a quality control system that ensures a constant standard of hide is used throughout manufacture.

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ service allows us to write necessary modifications and conduct burn-testing for seat refurbishment programmes, particularly for leading leisure carriers and leasing organisations.


The TUS2000® Quick-change Cover System allows you to refresh the image of your cabin interior whenever you choose, with a change of style, a seasonal change, or a mid-life upgrade if it’s beginning to look tired.

The reality used to be, that as hundreds of passengers sat in your stylish cabin, the seats inevitably showed signs of wear and spoiled your image, but operational imperatives meant there was nothing you could do about it.

The TUS2000® Quick-change Cover System gives you back control of your cabin interior appearance. It gives you the flexibility to set your imagination free in a totally new way:

  • Outstanding appearance and comfort

  • Massive savings in down-time, labour and cleaning costs

  • Operational constraints are virtually eliminated

  • Change out times reduced to under 1 minute per pax

  • No subjective fitting

  • Facilitate mid-life refresh programmes

  • Potential to eliminate dry cleaning

  • Modifications and Retro Fits


With 30 years experience, MGR Foamtex has the skills and dedication necessary to undertake the most demanding projects with the very highest levels of customer expectation.  Utilising our various EASA approvals, allows us to offer a comprehensive ‘One Stop Shop’ completion service, without the necessity to submit details to any secondary airworthiness authority.

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